They say that the best inventions and creations come from filling a need that the people had. We’ve been involved in online marketing and social media for a very long time and realized that our clients were having a difficult time being able to see the results that their keywords were bringing their website. That is when we decided to create Gorilla Tools.

Gorilla Tools has been a labor of love. It has allowed us to truly delve deeper into the online marketing world to discover what our clients truly need, and what they do not. The discovery has helped our current clients to achieve amazing results from their keywords and has made us realize that this program is something that is needed in today’s internet-obsessed society.

We have a great deal of experience working with business of all sizes, so we made sure that Gorilla Tools was designed to help any business – small or large. No matter whether you’re an SEO novice or an SEO professional, you will find that Gorilla Tools is simple enough for the beginner to use and provides solid enough results that the professional will find it extremely helpful.