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SEO Agencies!

Anyone in the marketing industry now knows that the best way to ensure that your business gets the most attention online is to utilize SEO properly. Unfortunately, most SEO agencies don’t have the programs necessary in order to be able to offer their clients real-time tracking on their keywords. This leads many clients to leave the SEO agencies that they are currently working with simply because they do not believe that they are getting results. With Gorilla Tools any SEO agency can easily prove to their clients how well the keywords are working! Gorilla Tools allows SEO agencies to pull up a website, check and email, or open a PDF that will prove how well the keywords are working to their client!


In an effort to always expand and to offer new things for our clients, Gorilla Tools will eventually be offering a special white-label account to clients who wish to take this tool one step further. Yes, it will be possible for clients to pay for this special account so that they can make their own money with Gorilla Tools! This affiliate option will allow clients to utilize Gorilla Tools in a whole new way!

You Are Protected!

We understand how people can be wary about using online tools, which is why we guarantee that all of your information is completely safe and protected with Gorilla Tools. That is why we do not require you to sign up with an analytic account! This allows us to help you get the information you need without making you feel unsafe. None of your results or information are shared or sold with any other company, keeping your business, and yourself, safe.