Google Ranking Factors

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As long as SERP ranking factors continue to be talked about, SEO is not going to disappear anytime soon. As many people may have heard, a well-known company wrote a post about Google +1’s as a ranking factor. While the post tried to say that there is a direct correlation between +1’s increasing ranking factors, it was later debunk by Matt Cutts.

The most important point to pull from this is that ranking still matters. With all of the various algorythms, Panda, Penguin EDM, etc, it is crucial to know how you rank in the search engines regardless of what is causing your rank.

How Gorilla Tools Can Help

The trick in making sure that SEO works for your business is in making sure that you are able to fully and easily monitor all of the information that you need to. That is how Gorilla can help.

With Gorilla you can log into your dashboard at any point in time, which allows you to see your keyword rankings instantly.

Business owners are generally busy, which is why we offer email reports. With Gorilla Tools you can have daily email reports. This allows business owners to be reminded, on a daily basis if they choose, about their keywords while, at the same time, being able to see how well their keywords are working for them.

Everyone knows that in the business world knowledge is power, but in today’s highly digital age, data is knowledge, which means that data is now power.

In a study done in 2012 showed that 78% of small business owners stated that they gained at least a quart of their new customer through online websites and social media channels. Another study has shown that 97% of consumers use the Internet in order to research services and products, but worldwide and in their local area. This means that the internet has grown to be a huge source of revenue for both large and small businesses, and SEO is going nowhere anytime soon – if ever at all.

Gorilla Tools can help you to figure out what SEO keywords are working for your business, and which ones are not, by allowing you to track up to 5,000 keywords for only $55.00 a month. And if 5,000 keywords is more than you need to track, Gorilla has plans that can fit any number of keywords or budget, making it easy to ensure that your keywords are bringing in the cash.