The Panda Update has Hit

Posted on by Gorilla Tools

Business and website owners are currently scrambling to catch up and to survey the damage that has occurred thanks to the much anticipated Panda update that was rolled out on March 14th, 2013.

The Panda algorithm is one that was created thanks to the help of Matt Cutts, cyber-junk expert for Google. The program is designed to help me out websites that use low-quality, or recycled, content in hopes of getting their page ranking higher. Before the algorithm was created it was very easy for business owners to simply paste a good deal of junk on their website, highlighting a few choice keywords of course, and to have their website show up near the top of Google rankings.

Panda, however, has made it much more difficult for these websites to trick consumers. Now the only way that you can get your website to the top of the Google rankings is to have not only the right keywords on your page but also to have high quality content as well. The algorithm updates at least a few times a year and every time it does website owners immediately start tracking their website hits to see what damage has been done. Quite often the damage is fairly minimal, but there have been a number of websites that it had to shut down due to changing algorithms and not paying close enough attention to their sites after Panda has been updated.

At Gorilla Tools we recognize that making sure that your business, and your website, stays relevant is extremely important which is why we are utilizing some of the newest technology available in order to help you to track your keyword positions.

Registered members can use the system to login and see the keyword movement on their website easily. This allows you to quickly see if you have lost, or gained rankings after any algorithm update. This way you will know, almost instantly, if you need to revamp your website and the content that is on your website after an update has occurred so that you do not lose your position on Google search results.